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Hi there, my name is Scott Thomson. I am so passionate about the postal system that I set up the website Positively Postal which is here to illustrate all things connected to that system and serves to promote such examples of postal culture and its positive benefits from all around the world. Having collected (and accumulated!) stamps now for over thirty years my main area of interest lies in the modern philately of Great Britain which with the many new issues is exciting, colourful, vibrant and constantly changing.

The Internet and e-mail may be great but nothing really beats the feeling of actually receiving a real letter or a postcard from somebody, be that from the other side of town or the other side of the world and if we don’t use the postal system then we will lose it! Therefore, I send out mail on a daily basis either in the form of mailart, a great creative release ; postcards (www.postcrossing.com) or from sales in the Positively Postal eBay shop.

foxes2I am always happy to receive post from all over the world so please feel free to send in a card/message to me at this address:

P.O. Box 477,

Some Of My Highlights

In the last few years I have made quite a number of interesting and unusal works using stamps and the postal theme as my inspiration, here are three of my favourites:
  • Six foot+ dalek filled in with used Dr Who and dalek stamps
  • Terence Stamp
  • Cigarette Vending Machine to vend art
From concept to completion, the six foot+ dalek took up a lot of time, used up a LOT of stamps (at least 1000!) and was a true labour of love and to date I feel that has been my highest achievement in the postal art field, see some of my best work below. Getting this blog up and running comes a close second!
My art is inspired by and based around stamps and the postal system.
From the perforations of the paper, the designs on the stamps themselves to the cancellations and other postal frankings given, I get ideas on how I can create “big” art using such small pieces of inspirational paper.
Besides stamps and the postal system, I am interested in listening to music (mainstream, disco, retro, dance and sometimes a bit cheesey!)surfing the internet, watching TV, going to the cinema, dining out and going clubbing/dancing every now and again.
Scott Thomson
Scott ThomsonPost Master

Some of My Best Work Is Featured Below.


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