2017 GB stamps

Royal Wedding Platinum Anniversary

Royal Wedding Platinum Anniversary 20th November 2017, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip will celebrate their 70th Wedding Anniversary. Royal Wedding Platinum Anniversary stamp Miniature Sheet The Queen first met Philip when she was just 13 years old. She was rather taken with the naval midshipman who was 5 years her senior and [...]

Christmas Stamps 2017

It’s that time again! The festive season is just around the corner and you are probably starting to plan your Christmas and to make a few trips to the shops! After all, those presents aren’t going to buy themselves! But before you do anything else, don’t forget to invest in this year’s Christmas 2017 stamps. [...]

Star Wars Stamps 2017

It was a movie which promised little. George Lucas had been contracted by Universal Pictures to write and direct a new film, following his success with American Graffiti. But the company disliked his draft script for Star Wars and rejected it.  Fortunately, 20th Century Fox stepped into the breach and decided to invest in the [...]

Stop Press News! – Star Wars stamps 2017

    A Long Time Ago in A Galaxy Far Far Away……… Well, not so far away as it turns out! The much-anticipated Star Wars stamp issue will be with us in less than a month! That legendary line which introduced the world to Star Wars, set the scene for one of the best-loved movies [...]

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The Postal Museum, Mail by Air and Ladybird Books

This week we can look forward to not one but three new issues from Royal Mail, all of which engender a sense of history and nostalgia.  These sentiments provide a valuable antidote to the troubled times that we are experiencing. World peace is threatened by the actions of North Korea and a destructive hurricane is [...]

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Classic Toys stamps

Throughout the twentieth century, British children were treated to a succession of amazing toys that their forebears could only have dreamt of. Cheap plastics and technological advances meant that toys could be mass-produced and sold at prices which almost every family could afford. Each child had their own favourites but some of the toys possessed [...]

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The Great War 1917 stamps

31 July 2017 will see the release of the fourth of five stamp issues from Royal Mail which mark the centenary of the First World War. As with the previous Great War issues, the events of the year, in this case 1917, are explored through stamps depicting poppies, poetry, war art, a memorial and an [...]

Landmark Buildings stamps

13 July 2017, a new stamp issue from Royal Mail will celebrate contemporary architecture in Britain. Landmark Buildings features 10 stamps showcasing eye-catching British architecture. The buildings were chosen for inclusion due to their high visitor numbers and excellence of design. There is no doubt that there has been something of a renaissance in British [...]

Windmills Watermills stamps

You cannot fail to be captivated by the beautiful sight of a windmill! They are always enough to make you stop the car in order to get a better look! Amongst this country’s best loved buildings, our windmills are truly striking pieces of architecture and were incredible feats of engineering in their day. Sadly, few [...]

The Machin Definitive 50th Anniversary

The Machin Series 2017 The Machin Definitive 50 Years of a Design Icon stamp Miniature Sheet Instantly recognisable and reproduced more times than almost any other image in history, the Machin head celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Designed by Arnold Machin, the iconic image of the Queen has graced Royal Mail’s definitive [...]


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