David Bowie Mailart Call

David Bowie Mailart Call

Here are some of the fantastic David Bowie mailart pieces I have already received, still plenty of time to send in yours if you haven’t already done so. Details right underneath the images below.

Sent in by stripygoose from South West London, U.K.

Sent in by Klaus Pinter from Austria.

Sent in by James Gillen from London/Folkestone, U.K.

Sent in by Michel Della Vedova from Limoges in France.

Sent in by Elena Signori from Saligny in France.

Sent in by Eni Ilis from Brasil.

Sent in by Wilko from the U.K.

Sent in by The A1 Waste Paper Co. in the U.K.

Sent in on wood/board by Lars Schumacher from Hannove in Germany.

Theme: David Bowie – the man, his music and his songs.

Technique/Media: All techniques e.g. drawing, painting, printmaking, photographs, collages, (visual) poems, graffiti etc.

Size/Format: Any size up to A4 preferred as easier to scan images but pieces larger than A4 also accepted.

Work number unlimited – No jury – No fee – No return

All works will be displayed here on the Positively Postal website – www.positivelypostal.com/david-bowie-mailart-call

Racist, violent and pornographic artworks will not be exhibited.

Please include your full name, country, email and address.

Deadline: All participants who send in mailart to arrive before 30th June 2017 will be entered into a draw to win a David Bowie stamp presentation pack – one name will be picked at random. Mailart can however be sent in up until July 31st 2017.

Please send to:

Positively Postal

David Bowie Mailart

P.O. Box 477


U.K. TW3 9HD

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