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Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter “It is said that the effect of eating too much lettuce is 'soporific'.”  This is perhaps not the best known or most memorable quote in literary history but one which caused much consternation [...]

50 Years of Pink Floyd

50 Years of Pink Floyd It is an incredible 50 years since Pink Floyd turned professional and began to make their mark on the underground music scene. There remain many steadfast Floyd fans who have [...]

The Great War – 1916

The First World War – 2016 The First World War altered the course of the twentieth century and claimed millions of lives. 21 June 2016 Royal Mail will issue the third part of its five [...]


NY2016 The World Stamp show will take place at the Jacob K Javit Convention Centre in New York 28 May to 4 June. NY2016 is a once in a decade event at which over 200 [...]

New Animail Stamps

Animail is an issue of stamps and stamp products created with kids in mind. The new stamps out on 17th May 2016 feature six fabulous animal characters that are sure to raise a smile. Designer [...]

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A Special Day of Celebration and Reflection

The Queen is to celebrate her 90th birthday on April 21st 2016 and six new stamps mark this momentous occasion. They include 3 x 1st Class and 3 x £1.52 stamps, each 37mm x 35mm. [...]

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Mail & Mailart

Positively Postal’s Fabulous Arti-‘Stamps’

Positively Postal's Fabulous 'Stamps' If you could design your own postage stamps what would they look like? What themes would you be interested to explore and which events would you love to celebrate? I decided [...]

Bringing the World Closer One Postcard at a Time

Bringing the World Closer One Postcard at a Time I am sure that for many postcrossers it is the random nature of receiving postcards which is one of the principle attractions. You have no idea [...]

Dimorphodon USA & Ice Cream from Slovenia.

This first class stamp (PHQ) card featuring a Dimorphodon is flying off to a school class in the USA so hope they are not too taken aback once (s)he arrives! Dimorphodon (meaning "two-form tooth") was [...]

Buses to Germany & Mouse Post from Russia.

All Aboard! A selection of four buses - AEC Regent MKIII RT, Bristol KSW5G, AEC Routemaster, Bristol Lodekka FSF6G - all driving off to a Postcrosser in Germany. I was up in London on Sunday [...]

At-At Walkers off to Germany & Greetings from Oberhausen.

At-At Walkers off on their way to a young Star Wars fan in Germany. Greetings from Oberhausen, sent in by Sven via Postcrossing from Germany.

Barn Owl off to Russia & Horsing Around in from Finland.

Species at Risk Barn Owl (Tyto Alba) 17p stamp (PHQ) card off to a Postcrosser in Russia. Horsing around on this lovely postcard in from Finland.

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