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The 500 Year History of Royal Mail

In 2016, Royal Mail celebrates 500 years of operating a regular, organised postal service - find out all about this very Positively Postal event and the new stamps due for issue on 17th February 2016 [...]

Shackleton & The Endurance Expedition & The Winter Village in from Russia.

Now that Christmas is over and 2016 is fast approaching, let's take a look at the first new GB stamp issue of the year which marks the explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton and his Endurance Expedition. [...]

R.M.S. Lusitania Ocean Liners maxi card and Bees buzzing in from Brazil.

I've come across a few old maxi cards from over 10 years ago so thought I would feature them on here. The first one marks the 80th anniversary of R.M.S. Lusitania back in 1995 (it [...]

Star Wars -A Long Time Ago on an Envelope Far Far Away and Happy Mailing from Stripy Goose!

The wait is now over, brand NEW Star Wars stamps out today! Find about all about them in Positively Postal's Star Wars feature here. I am used to brightly coloured envelopes, postcards and mailart popping [...]

More butterflies, this time from The Cayman Islands and Ratatouille postcard in from the USA.

Following on from the butterfly stamps from Kenya, here are some more, this time from The Cayman Islands. Here's a fact I didn't know, rats are ticklish(!) according to what Snow found out online and [...]

Butterflies from Kenya and magical lights in from Belarus.

I have started to get together some stamps and other items to make up a butterfly pack to sell and send out so here are a few butterfly stamps from Kenya to give you a [...]

Mail & Mailart

Greetings from Brighton and Mailarta’s Portrait Palace in Canada.

Greetings from Brighton postcard off to Italy. Great documentation from Dame Mailarta in Canada, on a quest to become Canada's Portrait and Autograph Queen and there I am standing next to the Dr Who stamp [...]

Westminster London off to Germany and Starling Wars in from Stripy Goose!

Postcard showing various scenes around Westminster London off to a Postcrosser In Germany. First there was Star Wars and then there were Starling Wars - news and mailart in from Stripy Goose in the U.K.

West Highland Terrier off to Canada & Stamps in from Hong Kong

Friendly West Highland Terrier off on this 11p stamp (PHQ) card to a group of Postcrossers in Canada. Stamps in a stock book on this great postally themed card sent in by Sandy from Hong [...]

Lindisfarne/Holy Island map off to China and something fishy in from Russia!

Lindisfarne or Holy Island map postcard showing various landmarks on the island off to a Postcrosser in China. Something very fishy going on here on this very quirky postcard sent in by Olya from Russia [...]

Hampton Court Palace off to The Netherlands & I Heart Belarus

Hampton Court Palace on this 1978 13p stamp (PHQ) card to The Netherlands. I Heart Belarus postcard sent in by Natasha through Postcrossing.

St James’s Stone Lundy off to Finland & By Post Bus from Germany.

St James's Stone, Lundy South West England on this 68p stamp (PHQ) card off to a Postcrosser in Finland. Mit dem Postauto durch die Pfalz - By Post Bus through The Palatinate, a region in [...]

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